Freesat Systems

Get Freesat and enjoy 140 digital channels, radio stations and services, including HD and BBC iPlayer. And all with no monthly bills.

Freeview Digital

Join the national digital Switchover. Freeview aerials and set top boxes supplied, fitted and configured.

Sky Systems

Sky satellite systems fitted and installed. Cables run discreetly. Extra points with 'magic eyes' fitted.

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Registered Digital Installers Licensing Body

The Registered Digital Installers Licensing Body (RDI-LB) is the UK's only official body to register licensed digital aerial and TV systems installers. Our scheme is backed by the Government and requires every member to become qualified and undergo important checks.

Just like your latest TV, DVD tuner or set top box, accredited installers are uniquely identified by the 'Digital Tick' Mark.

You may confirm our membership, number 18267409 by clicking here